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Class Notes - Summer 2001

Ed Tarlov's son Nick was in Mexico this summer working in a rural medical clinic before starting med. school at USC, LA, this fall. Kate, Ed's daughter, worked in Paris last summer for a documentary film outfit. She returns to UC, Davis this fall to finish her MFA. And good news in his own words: "Suzanne has recovered from chemotherapy and is feeling well. We have taken trips; she is working again, on a lesser schedule as I have too. [We] have experienced a richness of experience beyond what we had. Besides medicine, beekeeping, a bit of boating and talking to my friends and patients I have been reading the new bio of John Adams, by David McCullough, The Metaphysical Club, by Louis Menand and The History of Ideas in America. [I'm] reading Moby Dick aloud to my wife, one chapter each evening."

Nick Andrus and Kathy traveled to Europe this summer. They visited Bill Kieffer in Vienna where he has lived and practiced psychiatry for about twenty-five years until retiring. After graduating from Williams, Bill visited his parents who lived in Geneva. He decided to stay, became an Austrian citizen and after an abbreviated stint in med. school, he dropped out to be a musician, working for the Red Cross and UN on the side. But medicine's siren song lured Bill back. Nick says Bill looks great, managing to live without a computer, television, VCR, radio or other electronics. (Sounds saner than most psychiatrists, to me. I'll find out if TJ and Phil own VCR's.) Nick recommends that anyone traveling to Vienna contact Bill for fine conversation, restaurant expertise and interesting company. (This is of questionable veracity without movies to watch while talking.) Bill entertained Sven Kraemer and his wife during their visit a year ago.

Jim Hinish wrote: "I just completed my seventh year of retirement (?) teaching graduate students at Regent University's School of Government. In late March I took my class and several undergraduates from the College of William and Mary to Washington, DC for a two-day program featuring members of Congress and the Bush Administration, Congressional staffers, journalists, think tank scholars, campaign consultants and political analysts. This year the most popular speakers were Attorney General John Ashcroft and the President's speechwriter, Mike Gerson." (And I thought Dubya created all that . . . er . . . himself!)

Joe Pellegrino's name appeared in an ad from The Boston Globe listing him as a Board Member of Fiduciary Trust.

During reunion weekend, I wandered off alone several times for the solitude and serenity the Andover campus can provide. (Did I write that? Four decades ago the words might have been loneliness and fear.) From my roaming, I want to report on two aspects of our collective past the PA war memorial and the elms.

I ran into Alexander Walling, PA '61, the younger brother of Lou Walling, killed in Vietnam in 1962. Alexander pointed me to the memorial for Andover students killed in wars since WW II. There is a rueful symmetry to the way our dead alumni are listed eight from Korea, eight from Vietnam. There is a dismaying open-endedness to the design¾ten panels are mounted in a wall that is an unclosed oval. Each of four panels contain four names¾sisxteen PA graduates killed in action since WW II. Lou's name is on the third panel. Dick Boyd, killed in 1967 is on the fourth panel. The remaining six panels are blank, bare, empty, glaring waiting to be filled by twenty four Andover graduates now living or yet to be born. The image of swords turned into ploughshares does not fit our age, our history or our likely future. (I looked for Isaiah but neither he nor his spirit were there.)

The resurgence of the elms is dramatic in the Elm Arch, the Great Lawn and other places. The new elms look like erstwhile children of friends I used to know. I stopped in front of Baker Library to count them but I quit after about two dozen just to appreciate their grace. The spaces caused by Dutch Elm Disease are being filled, though the youngsters still have some serious climbing to do. These adolescent and teenage trees fit-in as if they'd overcome the awkwardness of being newcomers to PA.

As for me and my family, Bethany Jean Holland, PA 2018, my granddaughter, was born to my son Jim and Lori Marsden Holland on the winter solstice, 12/21/00 see the class website for pictures; I published the first-ever double issue of The Crescent Review go to to read and subscribe; I resumed serious exercise after a forced three year hiatus; and I had a small heart attack on the Ides of March, 2001. While the last two might not be related, I'm not discounting the dangers of healthy living and exercise.


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