and an OCR (optical character recognition) reading of the page:

SPtON SúV~D dcc }~)ho~t)o Jr.
2110 1 lcrir.'cc Lano
Rt~lsos,)oj T\ 77409

~ loin (5 I\.oLi~~'O5 tim

Peer pressure has ab5olutely forced
me into the latter half of the 20th
century to become "computer lit-
erate" and to learn how to get on
the Internet. Arkie Koehi has been
on my case for three years, and I
guess his prodding has paid offl
although at fir5t I forgot ris sign my
name, and most of the time I have
provided an incorrect e-mail address.
The e-mail address above is correct
I 5pent a minute and a half double
checking it for accuracy.
The intemet has been fun and
most rewarding, as I receive "maiF'
from Arkie, Bill Sterling and a good
soul from our past, John Douglas.
]ohn lives in Charlotte, Vt., on a
farm, surrounded by ~ uppies. He has
his own Web page, but I am still too
inept to find it. So give me 5ome
Al5o living in Vermont is Lew
Girdler, who dropped a nice note
after the reunion saying he had a
great time and would definitely be
back for number 45. Lew lives in
Dorset; I have yet to find it on the
map in my atlas.
Last April, Ted Furstmann was
pictured on the cover of Business
Week in svhich the story of
Gulfs. tream wa5 told. Evidently, Ted
picked up the company while it was
in difficulty and did a hellava job
turning it around.
By now, each of yiiu should have
received the grand tally of the
~un'ey sent to you by Ralph Weaver
and yours truly. If you were not at
the reunion, it can now be revealed
your reporter ha~ gained the mo~t
weight since leaving Andover~1 P2
pounds. All muscle, of course.
Between the ears, mo~tly.
Finally, many thank~ to Bill
Sterling for the great job he and his
elves did in raising money for the
special 40th Reunion gift. While we
missed the goal by only $4,000,
what was impressive was that 57
percent of the class contributed, and
that beats Andover's average by
~ome 17 percent. Many thanks,
guys. We really do have a great class.

the Class of 56 column