Suzanne and I (my wife of 29 years) on the banks of the Yangtze in the 3 gorges last april on a trip we were both invited by the Chinese to give lectures at the University in Wahan.

Aurora with more than a bone in her teeth, at the start of 1992 Newport to Bermuda blowing 40. I am behind the sail at wheel. my wife, son Nick, daughter, and H60 classmate Bart Dunbar are on left + Ken Ott who had his back operated 2 days before is in water on right. ZOOM-IN

the best . Andover Bulletin in 1956 published this picture taken from a window in the Commons during some kind of spring event. I am lower center near my roomate the late Tim Frank. Haj Ross is on the right near Brad Roerhig. Mac Blair is on right. I see McBride and Peter Knipe, Jules Herrey, Grabo Keator, Jim Taylor, Jan Hartman. Tim Hogan (in the days of smoking) and others. ZOOM-IN