A twentieth anniversary - Stephen S. Sorota came to the Hill in 1936, and has become outstanding as a football and track coach. Having taken part in both ends of athletics, he has been prominent in each, as a competitor at Fordham and now as a coach at Andover. The class of 1956 will never forget him, for we have never seen a loss in football against Exeter. He is not only admired by the boys he trains, but is truly a coach's coach.







From: Biggie
Subject: Why we're not coming Doc
Ann and I would love to come, and you know how much we love to visit and catch up with friends. This year, we have a Weego trade show for a week in the middle of May, a graduation of our godson on one weekend in Virginia, Memorial Day weekend helping our daughter in Chicago move to a new home, and a 3 week trip (=absence from the office) the end of June traveling with the Yale Alumni Chorus to Russia and the UK. Our lives are simply too jammed up. We're already planning to attend the 50th. Much love to all.

From: Sterling Bennett
Subject: The Reasons You Aren't Coming Are......
I guess I'm asking if there are feelings about Andover, those days, that period in our lives, reservations, disappointments, a feeling that it's like "going backward," and therefore not something we "want" to do, therefore don't have time to do. I, for example, do not particularly "like" who I was then, a boy-man who had constructed himself from the outside in, like young Parzival, a real ass, who thought he was "good" in a half-assed moral sense. I tried to make myself special, from the outside in. I competed all the time. I thought if I took Greek and avoided History (what a mistake) and pole vaulted, I would be better than you. Well, I'm not like that now. Age and hard knocks wear you down, like an old tree. I like people, I like myself (not overly, but enough to be kind to myself), I like my sons, and I'm sure as hell I'll like any of you goons if you can get your asses in gear and make the trip. We're all different now. It will be interesting to see the changes. Fun, in fact. Love -- Doc

From: "Tarlov, Edward C."
Subject: RE: Why You're Not Coming

Doc I will be with you ijn spirit. I will be at a neurosurgery meeting where many of my friends from way back will be. Sharing nights on call, midnight fears, blood everywhere is very bonding so I never miss this meeting. I always take my wife but we both missed it last year, Suzanne is feeling better now and looks great So I will have to beg off though the easy way out would certainly be to hang out in the harvard yard at commencement, hear the stirring band and memorable addresses and then head up to pa to reune with you guys Will try to make up for it at the 50th
All best

Subject: Re: Reunion

How many of you'se guys have signed up to be at the reunion June 8th and 9th? Skip has asked that I write some stuff designed to get more of us there.

Though my brain tells me there's nothing I could write that would get anyone to sign up who has not already done so, I thought I'd entertain you instead with some valueless questions and bits of historical trivia. There'll be more on campus.

>>>>Is that an offer anyone could refuse? Altogether now, with one voice, your answer is _ _ _ .<<<<

YES! For proof, see attachemnt to my e-mail to Doc.

>>>>Did you know that this upcoming reunion date, Saturday June 9th, is exactly the date and day we graduated in 1956? Yep. Configuration of the stars and all that, our graduation was on Saturday, June 9 1956.<<<<

Groovy! That was a big day for me. Lord, I was happy to be in that big circle.

>>>>Doc and others have wondered why so many of the list are silent.<<<<

We sit at the knee of those who proffer good wisdom and counsel.

>>>>Here's the main trivia question for the day, the knowledge of which relates to our misspent youth and the beginning of an empire within the wildest dreams of many of us.

Who was Gloria Walker?<<<<

Not a clue.